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Getting Started with Dynamic Web Objects in DataFlex

Strengthen application security, enhance users’ experience easily & automatically  With the introduction of Dynamic Web Objects to DataFlex, developers are easily able to apply the power of dynamic objects to their web applications.  Examples of when to use Dynamic Web Objects include creating: unique application user...

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October 6,2020
By Brienne M. Casanave

Libraries in DataFlex are pretty cool. They are pre-made, reusable workspaces that hookup to other workspaces. They are collections of all the necessary components for completing a desired programming task, so you do not...

July 23,2020
By Chip Casanave

Data Access Corporation has multiple, registered U.S. trademarks for our "DATAFLEX” brand software based on the first use in commerce in 1981. Accordingly, we were totally surprised by Microsoft’s use of our...

July 15,2020
By Stephen W. Meeley, Development

Background A recent Forum thread about the size of the memory footprint for WebApp processes pointed out that under certain circumstances the memory used seemed significant (in the hundreds of megabytes per process). As...

July 14,2020
By Dennis Piccioni, Software Engineer

For years now, Data Access Worldwide has been advocating for developers still using the embedded DataFlex database to convert to an SQL database. Why? Simply, to take advantage of the enormous benefits that these state-of-the-art...

July 14,2020
By Michael Mullan, Danes Bridge Enterprises

I have been developing applications with DataFlex since 1988, specializing in small companies’ line of business applications on Windows. Over the years my company, Danes Bridge Enterprises, has been steadily deploying...