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Success with the Web Scheduler Library

By Brienne M. Casanave

Libraries in DataFlex are pretty cool.

They are pre-made, reusable workspaces that hookup to other workspaces. They are collections of all the necessary components for completing a desired programming task, so you do not need to repeat the same work that has already been done somewhere else or by someone else. Libraries are the epitome of “don’t reinvent the wheel.”

One such collection is the Web Scheduler Library. When asked what it is, the go-to answer is, “a paid component built upon the JavaScript Event Calendar from DHTMLX that lets you create a calendar style control in your DataFlex application.”

Let’s ignore the “paid component” bit for a minute and focus on the rest. Once connected to your workspace, this Library provides the necessary components for adding a customizable web calendar, that has multiple views, that supports drag-and-drop functionality just like you encounter in Google Calendar and Outlook. It is built upon a JavaScript component, but the only language that is needed to use the Library is DataFlex.

The value add of this Library is huge if your application needs any form of calendar or scheduling component. Today’s applications are expected to have modern, clean UIs with easy, obvious functionality. The Web Scheduler Library provides this.


Standard week-view and timeline-view of a calendar implemented with the Web Scheduler Library.

One of the first users of the Web Scheduler Library was Horizon Information Systems. They have used it to create a simple electronic timesheet WebApp to be used with their payroll system that allows employees to record their daily time records and requests for time off.

When asked about the ease of implementation, Horizon’s President Mark Eppley, stated that they were able to have the first component of the Library working in less than a day. He said writing the code himself, “probably would have taken months. Actually, I might not have even entertained the project without the Library being available.” And as far as making the new component visually mesh with the look of their other products, Eppley said “there was really nothing I had to do.”


Horizon Information Systems utilization of the Library displaying the month view.

Horizon has had such easy success with the Library that they are currently working on a new offering utilizing the Library that will function as an appointment scheduler.

If you have ten minutes and would like to see how to implement the Web Scheduler Library, take a look at the Scheduler’s how-to course in the DataFlex Learning Center.

And about that other part, yes, this library does consist of two paid components. The DHTMLX Scheduler portion is $599 USD for a commercial license. The Web Scheduler Library itself is $750 USD. But do keep in mind that reducing the workload from months down to a day or two is a major savings. In fact, Mr. Eppley left us with these parting words, “If anybody has a need for scheduling/calendar presentation of data, this would be money well spent.”

Read the Online Help to learn more about Workspaces and Libraries, and how to implement them.

Horizon Information Systems offers tools and solutions primarily focused on housing, public services and human service agencies, and has been part of the DataFlex community since 1996.