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Join the DataFlex Football Pool UEFA Euro 2024


Get ready to dive into the UEFA Euro 2024 excitement with the DataFlex Football Pool. Predict match outcomes and compete for top honors. Whether you’re a football expert or a casual fan, you can become the winner of the DataFlex Football Pool.

Win a dinner for two

The top three players in the overall Football Pool ranking will be treated to a dinner for two, courtesy of Data Access Worldwide. Winners also have the option to let Data Access Worldwide donate to a charity of their choice. It’s an opportunity to make a positive impact and spread the spirit of generosity beyond the confines of the game.

Challenge coworkers, friends and family

Take your DataFlex Football Pool experience to the next level by creating your own private pool(s)! While you’ll always be part of the overall Pool ranking, which includes all participants, private pools offer a unique opportunity to compete directly with colleagues, friends, and family.

So gather your squad, create your private pool(s), and let the games begin!

Are you up for the game?


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2024-04-23 DataFlex Football Pool