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Did you know about these DataFlex diagnostic & troubleshooting tools?


Things happen. Be prepared to find solutions quickly.

From time to time every application will have a glitch. Use these tools to quickly evaluate what’s going on and find and implement a solution so that you can be your customer’s hero with ease!

DataFlex Diagnostics Tool

 Diagnostics Tool

This tool inspects and reports on settings and configurations that may interfere with a successful installation of DataFlex products, the use of development tools, and the deployment of applications.

Watch the Using the troubleshooting tool DataFlex Diagnostics video course in the DataFlex Learning Center.

Diagnostics Tool Details


PC Settings Tool for DataFlex

PC Settings Tool

This small tool reads nearly all local Windows settings including processor information, active OEM, ANSI, EBCDIC codepages, and differences between LCID settings.

PC Setting Tools Details


Printer Driver Analyzer for DataFlex

Printer Driver Analyzer

This tool enumerates the printer drivers on a machine. Selecting one will display all capability information as it is known thru the Window’s API (ex: supported paper sizes, duplex and stapling options, etc).

Watch this 4-minutes video course to learn how to use Print Driver Analyzer.

Printer Driver Analyzer Details


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