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Announcing 64-bit Unicode DataFlex

Data Access Worldwide consistently focuses on making DataFlex a stable, reliable, high productivity application development platform. We also evolve DataFlex in a manner that will maintain developers’ application investments by providing continuity across product revisions. In addition to adding new features and capabilities for developers,...

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August 4,2016
By Mike Peat

What is CORS? Well, as you might have guessed from the title of this article, it is Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. CORS is a W3C recommended standard (not yet quite a full standard, but nearly so) and has long since been...

May 19,2016
By Brienne M. Casanave

This month we proudly released our new, fully-responsive website – a fresh, clear communication of our message, our products, and our brand. And, we’re not done with our planned changes! Today, we are introducing...

May 4,2016
By Chip Casanave

We are excited to introduce our new website. It delivers a fresh, new profile for Data Access Worldwide as we begin our 40th year in business. The new website’s design has the same qualities as our products: easy...

February 24,2016
By Vincent Oorsprong

This blog will teach you how to make use of the new interactive previewer that is available in DataFlex Reports. We create a report that shows all orders that used the current, selected INVT item. Clicking on an order should...

February 24,2016
By Vincent Oorsprong

Runtime Data Source is an important feature in DataFlex Reports that gives the software developer full control over collecting data for a report. Vincent Oorsprong explains how to do it......