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Did you know about these DataFlex management tools?


Manage your resources with ease by utilizing these tools!

Applications development is a time-consuming and detail-oriented venture. Several free resources are available to help you manage your environment resources to help you stay organized and save time.

Database Update Framework

 Database Update Framework

This DataFlex code-based framework makes it easy to make automated database updates at customer sites. This freeware can be used on Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and the DataFlex Embedded database.

Learn more about the framework in this introductory video!

Database Update Framework Details


Batch Compiler Tool

Batch Compiler Tool

After a file that is used in multiple DataFlex projects has been altered, this handy tool allows you to recompile all of the impacted projects at once thus saving you valuable time.

Batch Compiler Tool Details


Structure Viewer for DataFlex

Structure Viewer

This unique, third-party tool creates graphical overviews of complex database systems as editable vector-based images. It's a great way to visually understand the architecture and intricate relationships within a system.

Structure Viewer Details


Classes Explorer for DataFlex

Classes Explorer

CodeSense may not find all classes in a workspace and connected libraries because the files may not be in use in the current project. This explorer tool examines a workspace and provides comprehensive reports of all classes in three types of output.

Classes Explorer Tool Details


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