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Join the DataFlex Meetup in the United Kingdom!


Attention British DataFlex enthusiasts! The DataFlex UK Meetup is happening in Birmingham on August 15th, and it’s an event you won’t want to miss. This gathering is your chance to catch up on the latest developments in DataFlex and see what the future holds. The cost to attend is £35.

Hosts and Special Guests

Mike Peat from Unicorn Interglobal and Peter Bragg from CMAC are hosting this event. They’ve invited key developers from the Data Access Worldwide R&D team, including Bram Nijenkamp and Harm Wibier, to share insights on the current state and future direction of DataFlex.

New Developments and Features

A major highlight of the meetup will be the preview of DataFlex’s new technology stack. This update brings back portability across Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android, combining DataFlex’s robust legacy with modern advancements.

Additionally, there will be a preview of DFAuto, a new feature designed to simplify web application development. With DFAuto, developers can drag and drop automatically generated views on the design canvas and visually draw links between objects to fine-tune navigation.

Join us!

This is a great opportunity for UK DataFlex developers to connect, learn, and get an exclusive look at what’s next for DataFlex. Whether you’re experienced or just starting out, the DataFlex UK Meetup in Birmingham is the place to be. The cost to attend is £35.

We look forward to seeing you on August 15th!


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 Join the DataFlex Meetup in the United Kingdom!