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April 24,2019
By Vincent Oorsprong

DataFlex Reports provides all the necessary tools to create a diverse range of pixel-perfect reports, lists, labels and charts. The latest, DataFlex Reports 2019 version 7, is now available - what does this latest release...

August 16,2018
By Vincent Oorsprong

The latest version of DataFlex Reports 2018 - version 6.2 - is now available for download in both the Developer and Standard editions! With version 6.2’s extensive list of major enhancements, users of alternative...

July 12,2017
By Vincent Oorsprong

DataFlex Reports is a versatile and comprehensive tool for delivering reports to support business operations. The latest release, version 6.0, delivers many new features and bug fixes - too many to list in this blog, so...

December 19,2016
By Doug Goldner

One of the most important parts of any application is the output of various reports/documents - for example, invoices, customer statements, shipping manifests, etc. Many developers produce high quality output by using pre-printed...

February 24,2016
By Vincent Oorsprong

This blog will teach you how to make use of the new interactive previewer that is available in DataFlex Reports. We create a report that shows all orders that used the current, selected INVT item. Clicking on an order should...