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DataFlex 2024 is released - download now!


The DataFlex 2024 release extends the leading mobile, web and Windows desktop application development platform with new features that improve your end-user experiences, application security, and your development productivity!

DataFlex 2024 is released!

Data Access Worldwide is pleased to announce the release of DataFlex 2024, the latest version of the company’s flagship mobile, web and Windows desktop application development platform for building state-of-the-art business software solutions.

Professional developers worldwide choose DataFlex when they need a fast, easy way to create reliable, high-performance applications. DataFlex’s proven application framework, centralized business rules, rich class libraries, data-aware controls and highly-tuned Studio mean less new code, higher reliability and more business software, faster!

New Features in DataFlex 2024

Easily generate vector drawings

Effortlessly craft vector drawings in web applications using DataFlex code with the cWebDrawing control. This tool streamlines tasks like chart creation, mapping and even simple game development, offering developers a smooth and gratifying development experience.

Strengthen security through encrypted connections

DataFlex 2024 enhances security by encrypting connections between SPLF server and application nodes. It empowers developers with configurable encryption tokens per node, boosting security strength.

Enjoy the improved Grid Layout Designer

The Grid Layout Designer includes a new popup for effortless editing of rows and columns, complete with support for easy insertion and removal. This latest version provides a smoother and more intuitive design process.

Enhanced flexibility with improved Data Dictionary capabilities

Web Container controls can now contain their own DDO structure, offering greater flexibility to your projects.

And more...

Numerous bug fixes and other improvements across the product are also delivered in this latest release, including WebApp Server performance improvements, file uploads in Windows with FlexTron®, Dynamic Objects improvements, a more efficient SQLExecutor, and more! (Note that there is also a stability and security update available for DataFlex 2023, 2022 and 2019.)

Next steps

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