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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Cost effective. Secure. Globally accessible.


Fast, efficient creation of server resources of any size, so you do not have to learn, configure, and manage another new technology and interface. Upon request, we will install DataFlex products as part of your agreement and monthly fees. Our hosting resources are all through Amazon Web Services (AWS).



Once we set up your AWS server instance, it’s yours to use and manage. Install any applications you want. You are responsible for maintaining the installed data and software outside of our agreement.



  • An on-line meeting to define your server, storage, and application requirements
  • Based on your requirements, establishment on-demand AWS server “instances” (virtual server environments)
  • Configuration of the AWS security group settings
  • Installation and configuration of a Microsoft Windows operating system with the administration roles and features as discussed during the meeting
  • Installation of DataFlex software if requested; or you may "bring your own license" for DataFlex or any other software products, and install it yourself
  • Monthly, scheduled updates of the Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Daily automated backup “snapshots” of the instance’s storage volumes for a minimum of five days (enhanced/additional backup options are available)

 ...and a few more things to be discussed as your needs are determined.