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Unveiling "The CSS and HTML Secrets of DataFlex WebApps" video course


New video course published on the DataFlex Learning Center! Aptly named "The CSS and HTML Secrets of DataFlex WebApps," this video course delves into the inner workings of UI/UX customization.

While DataFlex offers themes and the DataFlex Styler for basic customization, this course takes a deeper dive. It guides developers through the intricate CSS and HTML options, allowing them to fully customize the appearance and user experience of their applications.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced DataFlex developer, this course promises to be a valuable resource. It provides practical insights, hands-on tutorials, and real-world examples, helping developers unlock the full potential of their DataFlex WebApps.

Watch the new video course now: The CSS and HTML Secrets of DataFlex WebApps

Learn the CSS and HTML Secrets of DataFlex WebApps!