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Dynamic AI

Dynamic AI

Business Intelligence Simplified


Dynamic AI is for people in every level of an organization that need easy-to-consume, on-demand information that is optimally aligned to whatever decision-making and work challenges are demanded by their position. From the boardroom to the marketing department to the shop floor, decisions drive business and informed action increases productivity. Dynamic AI’s interactive access to real-time information means that the details behind high level summaries and key performance indicators are always just a click away.


Presentation matters. Will a chart, pivot table, list, form, map or calendar deliver the information most effectively? What slices in which layers of information will users need at any given moment? Executives require enterprise-wide dashboards; others need departmental or task-level summaries and details. Dynamic AI can serve a diverse user audience the needed information in the form they can best use with the navigational tools to instantly access appropriate details and comparisons.


From your world to anywhere in the world; from your premises or corner of the cloud to your customers, employees, and everyone else you need to reach, Dynamic AI’s completely web-based solution can securely deliver up-to-the-minute intelligence to desktop PCs, tablets and smart phones via web browser or scheduled email. The same is true for your content creators since all of the design tools for generating intelligence from your data sources are web-based and performed using standard web browsers.


...Because, unlike conventional, static, page-oriented reporting, Dynamic AI’s interactive, on-demand capabilities effectively support in-depth business analysis and fast decision-making and response times. And because unlike other reporting and BI platforms that require complex product stacks and/or enormous time investments by I.T. specialists, Dynamic AI simplifies and automates the process of generating and delivering intelligence from your data sources, saving significant time and expense to achieve successful results.


NOW! On-demand! – from your live data sources, Dynamic AI makes it extremely efficient to generate and deliver business intelligence from your live databases, as easily as it can crunch through your static data warehouses. No ETL step is required to use Dynamic AI and it does not require you to upload your data into any proprietary data warehouse. It will use any SQL-compatible data source and deliver information to users anywhere using any device via a web browser.


Build and deploy a business intelligence system more easily than you may have heard or thought was possible. With Dynamic AI you can generate and deploy sophisticated dashboards and reports in hours compared to the average of 2 – 4 days using most other BI products as reported by one of the major research organizations that scores BI products into various quadrants.

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Business Intelligence Simplified!

Build and deploy web-based business intelligence and reporting in days, not months, with Dynamic AI -- a 100% web-based platform for building dashboards and reports from your SQL data sources

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Business Intelligence Simplified!