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Announcing 64-bit Unicode DataFlex

Data Access Worldwide consistently focuses on making DataFlex a stable, reliable, high productivity application development platform. We also evolve DataFlex in a manner that will maintain developers’ application investments by providing continuity across product revisions. In addition to adding new features and capabilities for developers,...

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February 24,2016
By Vincent Oorsprong

Runtime Data Source is an important feature in DataFlex Reports that gives the software developer full control over collecting data for a report. Vincent Oorsprong explains how to do it......

February 24,2016
By Jeroen Steehouder

Page Layers are a rather unique feature in DataFlex Reports that's an advanced method for controlling the look & feel of reports. Furthermore, they help to fully separate design and functionality. Full support by the...

February 24,2016
By Ruben Panis

Charts are an important element in reports, as "one picture can paint a thousand words." Ruben Panis shows how charts can be used in your reports with DataFlex Reports....

February 24,2016
By Chip Casanave

We are excited to announce today the beta test launch of new software for OAuth, RESTful & Web API Integration. This software enables developers to connect their DataFlex applications to a variety of web resources including...

February 24,2016
By Stephen W. Meeley

Introducing DataFlex 2016 / 18.2 DataFlex 2016 / 18.2 builds on the foundation of DataFlex 18.1. It focuses on implementing over 225 developers’ suggestions and bug fixes. The enhancements and fixes range from the...