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Synergy 2017 - Building for the future...

By Brienne Casanave

Synergy 2017 may have been hosted in North America, but it was attended by a global audience from six of the world’s seven continents and eleven different countries; truly a Data Access Worldwide gathering!

The conference’s content was built around the theme, “Building for the future. Better, faster, everywhere.” Today’s DataFlex, and the developers that use it, demonstrate building applications better, faster and for any environment from mobile devices to desktop web to desktop Windows and web services.

Expressed throughout the conference was that Data Access Worldwide and our customers, are building software for the future and we’re building collaborative relationships as well. Chip Casanave, CEO of the company, summed up these thoughts in his opening message.

Key themes delivered throughout the DataFlex development team’s presentations were: the numerous enhancements and efficiencies for using SQL databases and the value of embracing it, the rapidly expanding capabilities of DataFlex’s mobile app framework and new refinements and features for Windows applications. See the complete Synergy 2017 Agenda

Presentations by Data Access Worldwide customers and partners highlighted opportunities where the latest web app features in DataFlex have been used: Building Hand-Held Scanner Solutions on WebApp Server by Mike Macliver of Triumph Business Systems, DataFlex and IoT – Real Solutions and Real Opportunity by Klaus Berthelsen of Front IoT, and Drag & Drop in DataFlex Web Applications by Torben Lund of Data Power are just a few examples.

Only slightly secondary to the conference’s technical content was the social interaction of the gathering. It’s said by some that being together and talking with other developers about ideas, options and techniques is just as valuable as the formal presentations of DataFlex conferences.

Overall, Synergy 2017 was a very successful conference. We’re appreciative of all who attended and contributed to another wonderful event. Data Access presents conferences to share information with our developer community. We also benefit from rich feedback and collaboration. Our company and products grow and improve because of the talented people that make up the DataFlex Community and we are thankful for them.

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