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Cloud Hosting - Licensing


DataFlex Licensing Options for the Cloud

From moving an established Windows application to the web to creating a brand new multi-tenant
mobile application we have a licensing option to fit your needs.

A good option for those moving existing solutions into the Cloud.

You can transfer existing DataFlex licenses or purchase new ones to be deployed on cloud instance(s). Licenses you “bring” will continue to be perpetual, and standard, annual subscriptions can continue to be maintained.

Standard DataFlex license types include...

  • Windows Client License
  • Web Client License
  • Web App License
  • Win/Web Combo License


No Up-Front Cost

This option provides the DataFlex products you need to get started with cloud hosting at no initial cost. Once up and running, you simply pay-as-you-go on a monthly basis. DataFlex updates are included (as needed and with notice), and there are no annual subscription fees. The software use is only valid as long as the hosting service is maintained. This is a completely, customizable software and infrastructure offering that includes the full scope of resources needed to deploy DataFlex applications in the Cloud.

If a Software as a Service offering will be run from the instance(s), a special DataFlex agreement needs to be made with Data Access Worldwide. Typically, whatever DataFlex products you require are provided without initial cost. Billing arrangements going forward are adjusted for each unique SaaS offering.