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Dynamic AI - Overview


Business Intelligence Simplified

One Platform

Build and deploy a secure, scalable business intelligence system using only a web browser.

With one unified web-based BI platform, all aspects of data connectivity, information aggregation, design, presentation and delivery to end-users is easier and less costly to create, manage, and secure. By consolidating information from multiple data sources across various applications and processes, Dynamic AI can provide new insight about your enterprise. It can quickly become the “go-to” resource that decision-makers and information users across the enterprise will use on their most convenient device, where ever they are in the world, and in their preferred language.

Complete & Integrated

Everything needed to generate and deliver dashboards, reports, graphs, maps and calendars with multi-language support.

Dynamic AI integrates modern, main-stream web technologies and powerful information-generating functionality with a centralized metadata repository, utilizing a web browser as its single user interface. Other solutions involve a complex product stack and multiple interfaces to accomplish what Dynamic AI achieves in a single, simple browser environment. Efficiently create and deliver dashboards, reports, graphs, maps and calendars, as interactive documents that allow one-click navigation from the top-level, “big picture” to all the underlying details. That’s business intelligence simplified.

Write less; deliver more information

Automated tools for data discovery, presentation and delivery – so you don’t have to do all the work

With Dynamic AI’s intelligent “designer”, both end users and developers build complex reports and dashboards with click and drag, not programming. Connect to your data sources and start designing. Click the “AI” button and let Dynamic AI find associations in your data and automatically deliver an interactive dashboard of interrelated information, including charts and run-time selection of key measures. Design work goes a lot further when any single report or dashboard can dynamically adapt according to user profile to show only the allowed information, from the allowed data source, styled and branded as required for each user.

Secure & Auditable – dynamically so

Control precisely who has access to what, and know precisely what was accessed by whom.

From secure encrypted communications to group memberships and individual security profiles, from extensive activity logging to complete version history, your system will be secure and auditable for compliance purposes. Large investment banks and law firms, health insurance claims processors and public government agencies all have confidence their data and information is kept confidential by Dynamic AI deployments. Dynamic AI’s data dictionaries will enforce filtering of common information dynamically at runtime according to users and groups.

Scalable & Affordable

Start small, grow big, on premises or in the cloud, Dynamic AI has your world covered.

Dynamic AI deployments can be found serving small departmental work groups from a single web server on a company intranet, to 10,000+ users on a multi-server enterprise cloud – all sharing the same central, secure repository, connecting to databases secured behind firewalls. Flexible, cost effective license models fit whatever is your business model and likewise scale to keep total cost of acquisition and ownership affordable for any size organization.

Embedded in your applications or stand-alone platform

Have it both ways! Add value to your apps while delivering more potential to your end-users.

Designed to meet today’s user-expectations for interactive, navigable information, Dynamic AI is more than a tool for building dashboards. It is a rapid development tool for a wide range of reporting requirements that goes beyond old-style, static, page-oriented output, and is extremely easy to embed and integrate with Windows and web applications, as well as any other web sites. You can even integrate your web application into Dynamic AI reports by embedding links back to your application views. End-users can build ad-hoc queries on your application database and all their other data sources.

Business Intelligence for your business....

Dynamic AI is being used for business intelligence, ad-hoc query, reporting and analysis by large, medium & small enterprises across diverse industry sectors: banking, logistics, transportation, health care, IT, government, manufacturing, legal, agriculture, wholesale, retail, public utilities and more.

For Developers & Consultants

For professional developers and subject-matter experts, Dynamic AI’s advanced tools, data dictionaries, and single-repository make it highly productive, adaptable, and portable. Use in either custom or generic vertical market application deployments. Use for both business intelligence and general reporting purposes. Use as a tool for integrating and consolidating disparate data sources. Use as a platform for transmission of summary information in HTML or PDF formats, or raw data in delimited or XML structures, on a scheduled or exception basis.

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For End-Users Within the Enterprise

Dynamic AI has a zero-footprint and requires little if any training. There is nothing to install on end users’ devices beyond a web browser that is usually present. End users will love the speed and ease of finding reports on the dynamically generated, user-specific menus, and interacting with the information. If allowed, they can perform their own ad-hoc queries, make new versions of existing reports, create their own home page and set defaults for language, date, decimal and menu organization, and also email or open reports in Excel and Word, or download delimited data.

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For External Partners and Customers

In today’s connected world your partners and customers expect to have a view into the business that they transact with you. Dynamic AI makes it easy to provide them a portal into just the information you want them to see, in the format best suited for them. You can even provide them complete URLs that will execute specific, singular reports, dashboards, or even data exports, or schedule emailed transmission of the information – all secured based on their user profile and Dynamic AI’s group permissions and data dictionary enforced constraints on information.

Success Stories

Build and deploy web-based business intelligence and reporting in days, not months, with Dynamic AI

Discover for yourself how Dynamic AI truly simplifies the challenges of transforming your business data into business intelligence. Request a  live demonstration to see first-hand the efficiency of  Dynamic AI running on live data, or  request a free server evaluation and we’ll send you everything you need. Installation is quick and easy and there are plenty of resources to help get you started delivering real-time web-based dashboards, charts and reports to PC’s, tablets, and smart phones.

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