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Dynamic AI - Videos


Business Intelligence Simplified

See Dynamic AI in action...

These targeted demonstration and training videos will show you how powerful and rich in functionality Dynamic AI is, and how easy you can create dashboards, ad-hoc queries, reports and graphs -- all without programming.

This 8-minute introductory video to using Dynamic AI as a content author covers a cross-section of the basic capabilities that empower non-technical users to create web-based business intelligence and interactive reports and graphs from their databases.

This 6-minute introductory video to using Dynamic AI as a content consumer shows how intuitive and easy it is for users to learn and interact with the information using a web browser.

This 5-minute video demonstrates how the Automated Intelligence feature in Dynamic AI can be used to discover the information potential of any data source and build ad-hoc interactive dashboards.

Real-World Reporting Challenge 1 (10 min.)

  • Top 10 customer sales for given sales rep showing by Year, Month, Product Code w/% of total within each level
  • Year-over-year monthly sales comparison by customer and product code
  • With interactive graphs
  • Combine into dashboard
  • Email results
  • From raw data to end result in less than 10 minutes

Real-World Reporting Challenge 2 (5 min.)

  • Email sales intelligence for impromptu meeting in less than 5 minutes
  • Business card sales to the association industry by month for last 5 years
  • Breakouts for sales rep, customer, and division
  • From raw data to end result in less than 5 minutes

Calendar Visualizations of Key Performance Indicators (3 min.)

  • Depicts changes in KPI over various time dimensions
  • Showing multi year, multi-month, single month and daily totals with drill-down to details
  • Coloring indicates performance against min/max benchmark

Providing Web-based Ad-Hoc Reporting With Your Applications (18 min.)

  • Creating report-friendly, user-friendly data sources
  • Embedding simple listings in your application for users to begin with
  • 11 clicks to an interactive pivot table report
  • Emailing ad hoc reports from your application 

Getting Started With Web-Based Reporting for your WebApps Using Dynamic AI (25 min.)

  • Demonstrates end-to-end process of building interactive reports, charts and a dashboard without programming
  • Demonstrates embedding and integrating those reports into the standard, demo, Orders web application

Real-World Dynamic AI Integration With Dataflex Windows Applications (32 min.)

  • Real-world success story adding value to legacy DataFlex applications
  • Explains what is Dynamic AI, its unique capabilities, and how it adds value to applications
  • Compares main reporting tools in use by DataFlex developers, showing examples
  • Demonstrates extreme rapid report creation using drag-drop design interface
  • Creates 2 complex reports, a dashboard and integrates into a DataFlex application in under 15 min.
  • Shows other real-world examples of embedded business intelligence
  • Shows other real-world use-cases

Interactive Reporting & Charting For Applications Using Dynamic AI (31 min.)

  • Demonstrates advantages and benefits of interactive vs. static reporting
  • Compares main reporting tools in use by DataFlex developers, showing examples
  • Demonstrates tight, two-way integration of reporting with web application, showing source code
  • Demonstrates embedded, integrated web reports in DataFlex Windows application showing source code

Adaptive, Embedded, Web-based Reporting (38 min.)

  • develop reports that can dynamically and automatically deliver the desired and allowed information from the correct data source and appropriately styled, all based on, and tailored to, who is running that report:
    • Intra-company: different groups and users: CEO, Exec. Mgt., Middle Mgt., ◦Supervisors, Staff, External Customers or Vendors
    • Multi-Company and/or Multi-Division: Different database names, Different schema / table names
    • SaaS / Cloud: supporting multiple tenants: Different server, database, schema, and/or table names, Different Tenant IDs across all tables, etc.
  • User credential can dynamically: 
    • Set the data source: Server, Connection, Database, Schema, Tables
    • Constrain results from that source: Filter rows, suppress columns
    • Format & Brand output/display of results: CSS Style elements, images
  • Eliminates complex programming logic
  • Reduces development time and cost
  • Simplifies maintenance & deployment
    • Data-driven logic decoupled from application source edit, compile, deploy cycle
    • Faster, easier deployment
    • Faster response to customer change requests
  • Over-all higher level of report functionality
    • Fully interactive reports and charts, unlimited drill-down, links to webapps, etc.
    • Allow users to run inside your app – or independent of your app.


In depth presentations on various topics using Dynamic AI:

Dynamic AI New Developer Meetup #1: Comprehensive Introduction to Tools (120 min.)

Dynamic AI New Developer Meetup #2: Dashboard Magic (82 min)

Seeing is believing! Request a live demonstration to see Dynamic AI in action. Request a free server evaluation and we’ll send you everything you need. Installation is quick and easy and there are plenty of resources to help get you started delivering real-time web-based dashboards, charts and reports to PC’s, tablets, and smart phones.