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February 24,2016
By Jeroen Steehouder

Page Layers are a rather unique feature in DataFlex Reports that's an advanced method for controlling the look & feel of reports. Furthermore, they help to fully separate design and functionality. Full support by the...

February 24,2016
By Ruben Panis

Charts are an important element in reports, as "one picture can paint a thousand words." Ruben Panis shows how charts can be used in your reports with DataFlex Reports....

February 16,2014
By Vincent Oorsprong

Currency Symbol - Not relying on Windows Locale If you use a numeric column in a report where the value requires a currency symbol (e.g. article price, order total) you can format the field to print a currency symbol before...

April 15,2013
By Vincent Oorsprong

At the just ended Synergy 2013 conference held in Nashville, Tennessee we have shown how easy it will be to make Web Based Applications using the DataFlex Web Application Framework. One of the parts of a Web Application...