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Who uses DataFlex?  

Enterprise Teams

With one, well-structured, easy-to-read software application framework designed to maximize developer productivity and implementation consistency across Windows, web, and mobile platforms, DataFlex is ideal for large application development teams. Even as team members change, DataFlex’s framework continues to provide the foundation for delivering consistent user interface designs and high-quality software.

Commercial Developers

Time-to-market and long-term maintenance costs are critical profit factors for developers of vertical market applications. DataFlex’s single language, cross-environment capability, fast application creation, evolution and low maintenance keep products moving and costs down. Rapidly evolving, well-maintained applications are easier to sell and they help maintain customers and their revenues for the long term.


When each application project is new and different, one highly productive platform that can be consistently relied upon to accommodate diverse requirements is essential to winning business, maintaining schedules and delivering excellent, customer satisfying results. One platform means less time moving among technologies and more time profitably billed to clients. 

With over one million users worldwide, DataFlex successfully powers countless mission-critical web, mobile, Windows, and reporting applications in large, medium & small enterprises in almost every industry sector: transportation, health care, construction, I.T., government, financial services, travel & leisure, agriculture, wholesale, retail, public utilities and more!