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DataFlex - Next Steps

Next Steps


Now that you’ve become familiar with DataFlex, we’d like to suggest next steps for better acquainting yourself with the product.

START USING DATAFLEX! Download a free DataFlex Personal today...

A DataFlex Personal license allows you to use the product free for non-commercial projects. Download now and experience the true capabilities and productivity of DataFlex!


VISIT OUR FORUMS! Get to know the community...

We are very proud of the community of developers that has grown around DataFlex. They are welcoming, and eager to help you become acquainted with the product.


CONTACT US! We try to make doing business simple...

We have a unique web of regional offices and channel partners setup as resources to provide services in your region’s native languages and according to your area’s laws and customs.


WATCH VIDEOS! Check out the product in action...

 Visit our video library to see videos featuring all of our products.