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July 13,2022
By Dennis Piccioni

Strengthen application security, enhance users’ experience easily & automatically  With the introduction of Dynamic Web Objects to DataFlex, developers are easily able to apply the power of dynamic objects...

April 13,2022
By Marcia Booth

Important! Note that this set of instructions are only applicable to DataFlex revision 19.0 and earlier. For later revisions of DataFlex (19.1 and higher), please follow instructions found at Microsoft's Fix problems that...

March 30,2022
By André de Vries

Solving the curious case of structure padding in 64-bit applications With the release of DataFlex 2021 we introduced the capability to compile and run your application as a 64-bit executable. While preparing your code for...

November 5,2020
By Chip Casanave

We are very excited to be nearing the next major release of DataFlex. As has been our practice, we will apply the year of the product’s release as its version identifier. In anticipation of releasing what we have been...

October 6,2020
By Brienne M. Casanave

Libraries in DataFlex are pretty cool. They are pre-made, reusable workspaces that hookup to other workspaces. They are collections of all the necessary components for completing a desired programming task, so you do not...