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DataFlex 2021 - New Release, New Year and New Policy

By Chip Casanave

We are very excited to be nearing the next major release of DataFlex. As has been our practice, we will apply the year of the product’s release as its version identifier. In anticipation of releasing what we have been calling DataFlex 2020 early in the coming new year, the final release our 64-Bit, Unicode product will debut as DataFlex 2021. You will first see the DataFlex 2021 nomenclature in the upcoming Beta 2 release.

We are also instituting a new policy of detaching changes to registration codes from the component build numbers and, in the future will change registration codes annually with the first product release in any given year. DataFlex 2021 will have a new registration code and, for example, the first release in the following year will be DataFlex 2022 and a new registration code will accompany it regardless of the component build number.

Whenever new registration codes are required, they will be sent automatically for all subscribed licenses. Component build numbers will be maintained for ease of determining the technical revision level, when updates are required, and to identify version-to-version compatibility.