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DataFlex Windows Client License

For desktop applications...

The DataFlex Windows Desktop Client is used to run desktop application software developed with the DataFlex Studio. Windows Desktop Clients include the application execution engine, utilities; DataFlex embedded database and, optionally, database drivers known as "Connectivity Kits".  A Windows Desktop Client License is required for each person that uses DataFlex desktop Windows applications in standalone or Local Area Network configurations. Web access to DataFlex application resources via the Windows Desktop Client is not licensed.

New Windows Desktop Clients include a one-year Subscription. Renewals of the subscription provide application users with entitlement to all Windows Desktop Client updates and enhancements for one year.

Several forms of Windows Desktop Client Licenses are offered:

Multi-User Windows Client Licenses

The Multi-User Windows Client provides entitlement for a specified Number of Users to concurrently use the DataFlex Client Engine with application software in server-based, shared resource environments. Customized licensing programs are available for OEMs, shrink-wrap application developers and information publishers.


Multi-User Windows Client Licenses with Connectivity Kits

The same as above with the addition of Connectivity Kits for Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL and ODBC.

Single-User Windows Client Distribution License

A license to distribute single-user Windows Client Engines (Connectivity Kit optional).

See the License Agreement for complete details of usage and deployment entitlements.