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Austin Programmers Group

Austin Programmers Group

Specializing in manufacturing, logistics, global trade, supply chain, healthcare and general accounting solutions. Developing in DataFlex since 1996

Austin Programmers Group brings 100+ years of combined DataFlex and other software development experience on staff as providers of business programming solutions. APG handles legacy application migrations and ongoing enhancements and support, revision upgrades, and new system design, creation, implementation, documentation and support. APG also supports clients with integrations of existing and 3rd party systems including web applications, mobile, and e-commerce sites, and the RC Professional (RC Pro / RC 2000) manufacturing and supply chain management system written in DataFlex.

Recent successes include converting a large, Houston, TX based oil services manufacturing company’s DataFlex 3.1 character-mode system to a modern Windows-based DataFlex solution with DataFlex Reports integration on SQL Server, all after an expensive failed conversion attempt to a globally recognized ERP system by another firm.

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