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Wizard Systems and DataFlex


Jim Albright describes himself as a “dedicated DataFlex programmer” who has been using DataFlex for more than 30 years -- from revision 2.0a through the latest DataFlex 2015/18.1 release -- to build and deploy database applications for the clients of his company, Florida-based Wizard Systems, Inc.

“The completeness of the programming language and the support of the people at Data Access Worldwide are my two main reasons for sticking with DataFlex,” Jim says, adding that the latest DataFlex 2015/18.1 adds new features that he “never thought would be possible.”

Jim’s principle client has had a web presence on the Internet for over 13 years, giving him plenty of experience with web apps, “but the new DataFlex mobile web application development has surpassed my wildest expectations. Data Access has taken the guess work out of programming for laptops, tablets, and smart phones.”

Jim also attests to the advantages DataFlex gives developers over the long run, noting that while the new Web Framework and mobile enhancements provide him with the tools needed to develop apps that meet today’s deployment and client device requirements, “At the same time, the command structure of DataFlex has not changed in 30 years. For the most part, code I wrote back in the 1980’s still works. I do not have to rewrite all my projects when a new version is released. I am able to concentrate on the new features without having to rewrite my existing code.”

Jim says that in “less than 4 hours” using the mobile extensions within the new DataFlex Web Framework he was able to write an app for his Android smart phone, Asus tablet, and even for an older Blackberry Playbook (non-Android).

“Hats off to the staff and support personnel for making the jump to these devices exceptionally easy and trouble free,” Jim says, “My decision to stick with DataFlex all these years has not been a disappointment!”

Jim notes that Wizard System’s applications serve the financial industry and therefore must be precise and accurate to the penny. “The SQL database makes maintaining the structure of the data worry-free. It merges seamlessly with DataFlex.”

With regard to support from the Data Access technical team, Jim says videos of the new webinars on mobile development “have been like programmers’ candy.”

“I downloaded the recorded webinars, and I play them over and over so that I can pick up all the details of the new features and programming hints.”

Jim says that the help he’s received from the technical support Forums “have been my life preserver when I would have possibly spent many hours trying to wade through the extensive help documentation. When my mind goes blank and I can’t recall which method will solve my dilemma I know I can always count on my fellow programmers or the staff at Data Access to come to the rescue.”

Jim says that while he works with the current version, his mind “drifts to what more can possibly be in store for the next revision. I know I will be pleasantly surprised and amazed!”