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Videos of Synergy 2017 Presentations


For the first time ever, we are providing video recordings of the presentations from the recent Synergy 2017 conference in order to share all of the valuable content with the widest audience possible. 

The first Video, Stephen Meeley’s DataFlex Overview - the Big Picture is available now; the remaining presentation videos will be published at the rate of 2 per week. Next week’s videos are: John Tuohy’s Introducing Managed SQL Connections and Harm Wibier’s Using the New Server Web Properties.

The videos will be published on our website’s Videos page, and on the Data Access Worldwide YouTube channel.

You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel directly from our Videos page by selecting the YouTube button near the top. After doing so, you’ll be  notified by YouTube whenever additional Synergy and other videos are published to our channel. 

Video Page