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Sture ApS and DataFlex


When Sture Andersen of Sture ApS sat down with the the first alpha of DataFlex 2015, he produced a fully functioning mobile module for his company’s internal time billing system "literally in a few hours," and immediately started showcasing it around to customers and received "a lot of positive responses.

The mobile capability was also demonstrated to several potential customers, and "we foresee lots of new projects this fall," he says.

"Actually, what happens regardless of who sees these apps is that they will start talking about ideas for apps that they could use in their work. I therefore recommend to every developer to get hold of a 18.1 development Studio and start making apps, so that they will get a little bit of a head start."

When asked what he thinks developers will love in DataFlex 2015/18.1, Sture points to the "combination of the visual designer and a (4GL) language tightly integrated with the database that makes the time from idea to functioning prototype really short."

  • Visit Sture ApS.
  • Watch video of Sture talking about his "great feeling of success" using the DataFlex Web Framework and mobile extensions in DataFlex 18.1 at the Synergy 2015 Developers Conference.