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SQL Examiner Suite Offer – DataFlex Developers save 25%!


When Data Access’ tech staff is asked for SQL database tool recommendations, first on their list for DataFlex developers to consider is SQL Examiner Suite by Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc.

"A few years ago, our team discovered the ease of use of SQL Examiner," says Nick Nikijuluw, Managing Director of Data Access Europe. "It’s especially useful for developers who deploy SQL-based apps to multiple customers – they can greatly benefit from it!"

After Danish software firm NOVAX A/S took Data Access’ advice about using SQL Examiner, the company’s lead developer Allan Greis Eriksen replied, "Thanks for the recommendation for using SQL Examiner. We have changed our updating procedures, so we now use the SQL Examiner as part of our updating package, and it works like a charm! I went through a lot of different vendors and open source tools to find the best tool and what can I say… You were right on the spot with the right tool for us."

Intelligent Database Solutions develops packaged and custom-tailored software that runs on the Microsoft platform. The company specializes in advanced solutions for DBAs and developers who operate SQL Servers. The company’s day-to-day goal is to develop tools that simplify and automate the data migration and synchronization processes.