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How does REST actually help us build APIs?


REpresentational State Transfer (REST) is a term for a style of Web Service and since the release of DataFlex 19.1 that includes the new HTTP Request Handler class; it is the preferred method for implementing custom HTTP services with DataFlex web applications.

Building on his previous series of REST resources for DataFlex developers, Unicorn InterGlobal’s Mike Peat has written a blog that details the advantages of REST in the development and adoption of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

The blog includes an example API based on the DataFlex WebOrder sample application and includes links to the current REST library and to the AppSrc directory of the sample used in the blog.

For more about using REST, review Mike’s previous blog on RESTful Web Service Theory.

For more information about using REST with DataFlex, read the DataFlex Help and visit the Learning Center.

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