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DataFlex 2022 Release Week - Drag & Drop


It’s DataFlex 2022 RELEASE WEEK - On Wednesday April 6th DataFlex 2022 will be released! This update offers great new features, enhancements and updates that will help you as a DataFlex Developer.

See ’What’s in it for YOU’ in short videos on social media that highlight a new feature every day during Release Week. So keep an eye on our social media channels to get the most out of DataFlex 2022! Psst: there’s a great prize to win on our social media channels, we recommend taking a look this week...

The first new feature is the Drag & Drop Framework, it allows you to add Drag & Drop interactions to almost any part of your interface in a Web Application. Henri shows what the Drag & Drop Framework is about, Sam Cannone from Main Menu Systems demonstrates how he made his applications look sexier!

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