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Promob Software Solutions chooses DataFlex + IBM DB2


Promob Software Solutions exceeds customer expectations and surprises competitors with DataFlex + IBM DB2 systems that deliver impressive functionality, speed and performance.

Promob Software Solutions SA

Promob Software Solutions SA is a leader in Latin America in software products for furniture industry. The Promob brand serves as a reference point for virtual design environments. Its products are continuously improved to update professionals and indicate trends.

Promob’s solutions for design, production and management make the relationship between user, technology, and market more efficient and, thus, add value and competitiveness to the work of manufacturers, retailers, cabinetmakers, architects and interior designers.

Promob’s main software products include solutions for Management Systems (ERP), Integrated Costs, Manufacturing (MRP), Product Configurator, Integrated Accounting, Online Orders and Web Inquiries.

The company’s 400+ employees support customers through their direct operations and through qualified representatives and distributors throughout Latin America.

Why Promob chose IBM DB2

Promob’s decision to go with the IBM DB2 database for their DataFlex solutions was based on two main points: performance and features. On the performance side, DB2 is a very fast database when the topic is queries, which are an integral part of an ERP system. And from a functionality angle, the Express versions of DB2 (at no cost) perform well for smaller customers who don’t demand all the options and functionality of the paid version of the product.

The Promob team says that Data Access Worldwide’s SQL driver for IBM DB2 is perfectly suited for all data operations (inserting, maintaining, deleting and queries). And the need for customization of the native DataFlex classes is minimal.

Added benefits of the decision to deploy with IBM DB2 include better support for legacy system migrations, as most programs operate natively, and for those that need some performance adjustment, tuning can be performed directly within the database. This provides Promob with backward-compatibility coming from the legacy DataFlex database and the stability and security of a robust SQL database like DB2.

Promob Customer Testimonials

Since 1980, Decibal has been producing furniture that meets the expectations of each client, making homes more complete and fuller of life. They are practical, ergonomic, and functional solutions, all with an innovative design and within everyone’s reach.

“Our company has progressed a lot after starting to use Promob ERP and today it is impossible to work without the tools that the software makes available. The ERP allowed the integration between different sectors, enabling quick access to all information and ensuring more agility and efficiency in the management procedures of our business. In addition, every year we try to increase the services that Promob’s ERP offers. Some of our acquisitions were the Production Capacity and Backup Modules. Promob creates excellent solutions that meet the needs of furniture companies. For sure, it is a fundamental partnership for Decibal.”

Nelson Civardi | Decibal Director

Multimóveis Indústria de Móveis
Founded in 1995 as a result of the union of common goals, dreams and hard work of its three managing partners, Multimóveis Indústria de Móveis started manufacturing children’s furniture and in a short time became one of the largest specialized factories in the segment.

Located in city of Bento Gonçalves in the Rio Grande do Sul state in Brazil, the Multimóveis 22,500m² facility hosts 300 employees and combines state-of-the-art equipment with the professional training of its team. In addition to the Brazilian market, the products are accepted worldwide, being exported to over 40 countries.

"Our production was all manual using Excel spreadsheets, people compiling data and programming the production; we had the plan to increase the scale and we saw that this would be possible with the usage of an ERP system, reducing rework and human error factor. In the commercial area, the order entry was via spreadsheet, being printed and then computed in the system, so we now have Online Orders, which reduces process steps, and the team can focus in other important points of the process. We gain in agility, productivity, data cohesion and error reduction. Not to mention the legal benefits, with the certainty that we are in line with the constant legislation updates.”

Paul Fonseca | IT Manager at Multimoveis

OMP do Brasil
“The heart of the company is its database, and the manager needs to be sure that this information is saved and that it can be restored when needed. Having an ERP with efficient backup conveys security. We have already had an accident and, in this case, Promob ERP was essential as it guaranteed the restoration of data without damage. It was proof that we can trust the brand of which we have been users for over 5 years.”

Carla Fabiana Massochini | Administrative Manager of OMP do Brasil

Visit Promod Software Solutions SA. Promob is a subsidiary of 2020 Technologies Inc. and is the market leader in South and Central America. Promob’s technology and development center is in Caxias do Sul, Brazil and is part of the worldwide 2020 Technologies Inc. product and technology organization responsible for the company’s global software product portfolio.

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