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John Tuohy to Retire


JTAfter more than 25 years of active contribution to Data Access Worldwide, our products and the DataFlex community, John Tuohy, Data Access Worldwide’s CTO, has decided to retire at the end of 2018.

In addition to innumerable technical and architectural enhancements to DataFlex, John’s greatest legacy will be the effect of his high-level stewardship that has evolved the product into the capable, stable business application platform that it is today. As a strong advocate for developers, John prioritizes both innovation and continuity in DataFlex to enable mobile, web and Windows applications that are competitive, durable and easy to maintain over the long term.

John’s decision has been known within the company for over a year. In anticipation of his retirement, changes have been quietly orchestrated to accommodate his departure. New R&D staff resources have been added; Harm Wibier has grown and taken a more senior role in product development both technically and with regard to decision making. He’s doing very well in that role, emulating many of the positive characteristics he’s learned from working with John over the years. Stephen Meeley will continue in a product development role to bring his experience and wisdom to our planning and product development processes.

Until John’s retirement at the end of this year, he will continue in an active role to help get the new 64 bit and Unicode DataFlex products off to a good start. After formal retirement, John has agreed to be available in an advisory role, so we can continue to benefit from his wisdom and experience when needed.