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Graphics Library for DataFlex 2022 Released


The Graphics Library is now available for DataFlex 2022! With the Graphics Library attached to your application workspace you can display images in many popular formats. Supported formats are: BMP, ICO, GIF, JPG, EXF, PNG, TIFF, WMF and EMF.

Some examples of how you can use the Graphics Library are integrated in the downloads workspace. A few examples are:

  • Graphics Demo - Windows only supports ICO and BMP formats. This example shows that with the Graphics Library installed, you can use many more image formats. This example is database aware and shows the pictures of people and products. Image data is either in the database or as file on a disk, the Graphics Library can use both
  • Create Thumbnail - Images can be very large, even though you don’t need the image to show full-size. The Graphics Library allows you to save a smaller sized image to display in your web application. This can speed up the page load of the web application
  • Shapes - using the Graphics Library in DataFlex 2022 you can create shapes like circles, rectangles, lines etc. With this you can draw anything on a canvas. Think of a schematic map of your building, product route or a flow of data

Download the Graphics Library for DataFlex 2022

The Graphics Library is free to use and you can download it here!

Note: this newest release is compatible with DataFlex 2022, if you are working with DataFlex 2021 you can download Graphics Library 3.1

2022-05-17 Graphics Library DF 2022