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New Release: Graphics Library for DataFlex 2021


We are pleased to announce the release of the Graphics Library for DataFlex 2021. With the Graphics Library you can display, edit and view properties of images supported by Microsoft’s GDI+ component installed on your computer. This includes bitmaps, icons, jpg, tiff, gif, png. You can also program the use of shapes and write text strings to the device.



  • cGDIStringFormat class added
  • cGDIFont class added
  • cGDIFontFamily class added
  • cImageFormatMenuItem class added
  • Codecs Info Dialog component added
  • New CreateThumbnailFromImageDemo demo program
  • New cGDIImageDecoders and cGDIImageEncoders classes
  • ImageGallery demo application enhanced with image rotation option
  • Added package with language IDs


  • All code now 32/64 bit compliant
  • All code now Unicode compliant, including removal of StrToWStr, WStrToStr and WPStrToStr as they are no longer needed
  • Variable type changes such as address to pointer, integer to uinteger where needed
  • Shapes demo application extended with Drawstring example
  • Documentation with many changes
  • Technique of loading an image from disk, see pbLoadImageFromUCharArray
  • Pasting an image (from Clipboard) triggers the OnImageSelected event only when the save was successful
  • CodeJock property grid (used as demo in ImageGallery) updated from v12 to v18.3 (note: you are not allowed/licensed to use the component in your own applications without first purchasing a license with CodeJock Software)
  • Imageproperties enhancements
  • Display of thumbnail image in properties grid
  • GraphicsAbout.dg enhanced
  • EditImage demo application restructured
  • cDbImageContainer class improved to avoid errors during object destruction
  • Renamed structs (like tBitmapInfoHeader -> tWinBitmapInfoHeader) to get in line with DataFlex
  • CloneMatrix returns a new DataFlex cGDIMatrix object instead of a pointer to a GDI+ Matrix object

Note: This 3.1 version is only for DataFlex 2021. For DataFlex 19.1 you need to download the 3.0 version.

Download Graphics Library (Free)

DataFlex Graphics Library