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DataFlex Windows Forum posts top 100,000 – thank you!


The Data Access Forums are the primary go-to resource for DataFlex developers seeking application development technical support, tips and techniques from the global community at large and Data Access Worldwide. The most popular of these is the Windows Applications Forum, which has just now seen the 100,000th post take place!

DataFlex for Windows, Web and Mobile App Development!The Windows Applications Forum focuses on building and deploying business applications for the Windows desktop with DataFlex, and it’s no surprise that this forum is the leader in the number of posts (+100k), threads (+16k) and contributors including longtime DataFlex developers Garret Mott, Bob Worsley, and Michael Mullan – all of whom have posted over 2,000 times!

While the Windows Applications Forum holds the lead in the all-time number of posts, the Web & Mobile Applications Forum was the second-most active forum in 2017. That’s not surprising as the prevalence of mobile & web applications in business environments continues to be the primary focus of new application development activity.

The third most popular forum in 2017 was DataFlex 2017 Testing (19.0), with almost 2,000 posts from developers involved in testing the latest DataFlex build – a critical element of building reliable, productivity-enhancing software tools.

The Data Access Forums have long served the global DataFlex developer community as an important resource – we thank all who have contributed their knowledge and expertise (as well as “YAFR” posts – Yet Another Feature Request) over the years!