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DataFlex Reports Version 6.1 Released


DF_Reports_Logo_Compact_200DataFlex Reports 2017/6.1 is a maintenance release fixing a number of important bugs, as well as delivering new features and enhancements including support for DataFlex 19.0’s Managed Connections. Version 6.1 runs side-by-side with older versions (such as v6.0). To gain v6.1’s benefits, just attach the library and re-compile your DataFlex application for transparent report integration.

New Features

  • Support for DataFlex 2017/19.0’s Managed Connections
  • Added Russian translations and collate definitions
  • Added Hungarian translations
  • Navigating in the report explorer pane now selects the object in the designer tab
  • Added option to show sub-reports in the Function Explorer
  • Added find by function ID option to the Function Explorer
  • Added import registration information to the registration dialog
  • Updated documentation

Complete details about all bug fixes and library enhancements are available in the product documentation and on the download page.

 Download DataFlex Reports v6.1.

New to DataFlex Reports? Watch the video!