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DataFlex Reports version 5 is released!


Version 5 of DataFlex Reports, the business reporting engine from Data Access Worldwide, released today.

Widely used by end-users and developers to deliver pixel-perfect reports, forms, lists, labels and charts, DataFlex Reports version 5 adds a variety of formatting, data visualization, output format, data source and usability enhancements. For web and mobile apps, version 5.0 includes a new drill-down style report. The new DataFlex Reports’ integration library supports Windows, web and mobile applications created with all DataFlex revisions from 16.0 up.

Among DataFlex Reports v5’s many new features are:

  • SQL statement data-sources and schema support
  • Export to PDF/A format
  • Wrapping option for text content
  • New options for managing report sections and alignment
  • Automatic report saving on preview (autosave)
  • Ability to print a Section over multiple report pages

Customers use DataFlex Reports for stand-alone reporting and seamless report integration with web, mobile and Windows business applications developed with DataFlex. According to Nick Nikijuluw, Managing Director of Data Access Europe, “DataFlex Reports version 5 delivers a long list of features requested by developers as well as enhancements to make it even more competitive in the marketplace with products like Crystal Reports.”

Download DataFlex Reports version 5 Standard Edition, Developer Edition and Web Deployment Kit. Get the ReadMe that describes the new features in detail or, for more information, contact us!