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DataFlex Reports 7.0 Released


DF_Reports_Logo_Compact_200DataFlex Reports 2019/7.0 is now available and provides developers the necessary tools to create a diverse range of pixel-perfect reports, lists, labels and charts.

Download DataFlex Reports 7.0

The two main features delivered in this latest release are:

  • Edit of report layout during preview
  • Support - per report - of the Windows locale

Go to the What’s New in DataFlex Reports page for more information about the new features.

This version of DataFlex Reports uses a 7.0 license code or runs for 60 days in evaluation mode. DataFlex Reports license holders receive the license code via their regional sales representative.

DataFlex Reports 7.0 runs side-by-side with older versions. Note that saving the report definition file (.dr) with 7.0 makes it not accessible with 6.2 or older anymore.

 Download DataFlex Reports 7.0

 What’s New in DataFlex Reports 7.0