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New Videos Featured in DataFlex Learning Center


With the addition of two more training videos in December, the DataFlex Learning Center continues to grow in scope by offering both new and experienced developers valuable resources for enhancing their business software application development skills and techniques.

The latest video, Working with Web Properties, shows how the DataFlex Framework’s "Web Properties" are used for configuring the user interface, communicating with the client and storing data and application states. Web Properties are similar to properties stored on the web client but the Web Property values are retrieved from the client with each server call. Watch the new video and find out how Web Properties are used, why they are used and when to use them.

Earlier this month, the SOAP Web Services in DataFlex video was posted, showing developers how a web service  exposes its application logic to the outside world, making it callable via the web using HTTP requests.

These videos join a number of other previously published videos in the DataFlex Learning Center, including Working with Databases in DataFlex, Creating Custom Controls in DataFlex, and more that are organized for both new and experienced developers to discover and learn from. 

Browse the resources in the DataFlex Learning Center to see what’s now available and check back often as we continue to release new training videos and resources to take your app development efforts to new heights!