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DataFlex & MySQL on Linux – app deployment can now cost less


DataFlex SQL ConnectivityMySQL and the compatible MariaDB database running on Linux Servers are now supported with DataFlex applications.

Recent comparative testing between MySQL running on equivalent Windows and Linux Servers confirmed that from a DataFlex web or Windows desktop application, MySQL performed essentially the same.

Database operation and functionality was also the same on the different operating systems so Linux, as a host for MySQL and MariaDB, has now been added to DataFlex’s list of supported environments.

The addition of MySQL and MariaDB running on Linux adds a new, low-cost alternative for deploying DataFlex applications on-premise or in the cloud.

  • Without the cost of the Windows Server software, Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 servers running Linux are less costly. For example, hourly costs for an AWS m5.xLarge server (4 CPU Cores, 16 GB RAM) are:
  Per Hour Per Month
Windows operating system  $0.376  $270.00
Linux operating system  $0.192  $138.24


  •  With distributions of the Linux operating system being available for free and free versions of MySQL and MariaDB too, very low cost on-premises database servers can also be configured.

Other supported databases for DataFlex web, mobile and Windows applications are:

  • Microsoft SQL Server – Express (free), Standard and Enterprise Editions
  • IBM DB2 – Community (free), Standard and Advanced Editions

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With more and more developers choosing to use MySQL with their applications, having a basic understanding of the MySQL environment in DataFlex becomes a must! View this video course for an introduction to using MySQL in a DataFlex environment.

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