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DataFlex 2022/20.1 Release Candidate published: experience the new features and enhancements now!


 The Release Candidate build of DataFlex 2022 is now ready for download and final testing by the developer community.

DataFlex 2022 delivers many new features and enhancements to the Web and Windows frameworks that developers will benefit from in their applications, including:

  • New classes for enhanced GUI menu functionality in Web Apps​ - right-click custom menus & multi-item menus are now supported
  • New class that wraps the WebView2 browser for use in Windows applications

  • New class for reading WebApp log files

  • New support for Drag & Drop actions between and within various web controls
  • DataFlex language improvements including arrays that support Binary and Linguistic comparisons, added support for multi-line strings, Date and DateTime improvements, and more
  • Improved support for Web Tags and introduced Windows Tags for selecting of multiple items from a source or creating new items. The selected or created items are visually represented by boxes/balloons called tags
  • Improved memory consumption and restructuring in SQL Drivers (Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB and ODBC) among other enhancements
  • New Web Application Server and Administrator options and improvements
  • Reduced compile time and added information to the output of the DataFlex Studio compiler
  • Improved various features in the DataFlex Studio’s Code Explorer, Table Explorer, other panels, dialogs and wizards
  • New Examples, and more!

To get started with DataFlex 2022:

  • Download the DataFlex 2022 Release Candidate
  • Read the "What’s New in DataFlex 2022" section of the documentation which includes...
    • Step-by-step instructions on everything from initial experimentation through application migration
    • Deep technical detail on using Unicode and 64-bit in DataFlex 2022

DataFlex 2022 Release Candidate posted