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DataFlexTV - new Portuguese language channel on YouTube


Data Access Latin America (DALA) is pleased to announce the official launch of a new channel on YouTube for Portuguese-speaking developers: DataFlexTV!

DataFlexTV on YouTubeDevelopers will find on the channel tutorials on Installing DataFlex, Migrating to SQL Database, Changing Language and a series of webinars that address DataFlex web mobile development, desktop web, Windows and more.

The DataFlexTV channel on YouTube was born out of our desire to create quality technical content videos to assist the DataFlex community in the development of commercial applications quickly and at low cost. Sign up today and be the first to receive the channel’s new videos.

Help us to make this new communication channel a powerful tool to support you, the DataFlex developer. Subscribe, watch the videos, leave your like and share!

Inaugurated in January 1998 in São Paulo, Data Access Latin America (DALA), a subsidiary of Data Access Worldwide, has the mission of distributing, supporting and expanding the installed base of DataFlex users in Brazil and Latin America.