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Custodian 19.1 - New Web App Update Tool Now Available


Sture Andersen from Sture ApS developed Custodian 19.1, which is now available for download!

What is Custodian 19.1?

Custodian 19.1 for DataFlex 2019/19.1 is a web app that enables updating other web apps running on the same server. Any disk file that is part of a given application can be updated. Custodian 19.1 is suited for simple updates meaning that all files can be updated, but updating the database definitions or copying over whole folder structures is out of scope for Custodian 19.1.

Download Custodian 19.1

What are the benefits?

Files are uploaded to a separate area on the server and once all files are in place the actual update is performed, which means that the web app being updated is offline for less than a second.

Using Custodian 19.1 saves time and minimizes downtime compared to the ’manual’ method of getting a remote desktop connection.

Custodian 19.1 is free to use, but it counts as one app, if your DataFlex WebApp license counts apps.

Video course about Custodian 19.1

For more information about how to install and use Custodian 19.1 take a look at this video course in the DataFlex Learning Center.

Custodian 19.1 - Learning Center Video