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VIDsigner for DataFlex - easily integrate digital signatures with your apps


Start any process that requires a legally compliant signature without leaving the DataFlex platform!

Pressure on app developers to add digital signature technologies to their business solutions is greater now more than ever. In fact, a recent Gartner poll found 90% of HR leaders said employees would be allowed to work remotely, even once COVID-19 vaccines are widely available.

“Most organizations have realized by now that in today’s highly disrupted environment they need to adapt,” says Pepe Guimarães, Managing Director of Moose Software, the Data Access Worldwide Channel Partner for Spain and Portugal.

Linking all processes, data and documents with one Digital Process Automation platform like DataFlex can make a huge difference to achieve digital transformation. And now, thanks to a new integration developed by Moose Software, it is possible to start any process that requires a legally compliant signature without leaving the DataFlex platform.

Pepe says that solution developers need to focus on the user and embrace best practices for serving "everywhere" needs.

“A decisive advantage is to think ahead and be on the lookout for the multiple processes that can benefit from the implementation of electronic signatures, once we evaluate our business needs.” he says.

Examples of where electronic signatures can improve processes include HR functions such as job offers and employment contracts, and modifications such as salary increases, changes of conditions, etc. Within the healthcare industry, examples include informed consents, treatment plans, data protection consent, analysis and tests, etc.

“DataFlex developers also benefit from the ability to provide the document directly to the signer’s email inbox, who can sign it right then and there,” says Pepe.

The VIDsigner for DataFlex integration delivers the benefits of digital signatures to DataFlex applications by easily connecting the apps with the VIDsigner platform.

VIDsigner guarantees the legal certainty of its entire range of digital signatures. Using high-level international standards, signed documents are guaranteed to be autonomous, ensuring their independence and durability. Electronically signed agreements can be automatically distributed to all parties instantly.

“No matter whether the document or the process requires an advanced or qualified signature, both types can be carried out with the VIDsigner for DataFlex integration fast and easy,” says Pepe.

Watch the Electronic signature integration with DataFlex video.

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