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Chromisma SaaS/Windows app takes the pain out of the mundane


Businesses that rely on hourly services billings will want to consider the DataFlex-powered Chromisma app that’s designed specifically for those who trade in professional expertise.

With a name derived from the Greek words for time (chronos) and money (nomisma), Chromisma is a fully integrated time management and billing application that "takes the pain out of the mundane". The solution provides all essential business functions that keep things running smoothly while allowing managers more time to concentrate on driving their businesses forward.

Chromisma was originally conceived with architects in mind; users now include other design professionals such as engineers and graphics companies, as well as similar enterprises selling services rather than products.

Developed as a DataFlex Windows desktop and cloud-based SaaS app by developer Geraldine Dean for the Irish and UK markets, Chromisma was brought to market in just 60 days.

As the Technical Director for Chromisma Limited, Geraldine relies solely on DataFlex v19.1 for the rapid development of both Windows desktop & cloud-based apps, and DataFlex Reports v7 for end-user reporting. amCharts and other 3rd-party charting software completes the solution.

"Over the years, I’ve successfully used DataFlex for developing a number of business solutions going back to DataFlex v2.3b days. Examples include Employee Share Registration systems for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), External Quality Assurance (EQA) & Internal Quality Control (IQC) systems for Randox, and now Business Management Software for architects, engineers and others who deal in professional services," Geraldine says.

"Our users say that they find our DataFlex applications to be easy-to-use and intuitively obvious, with really fast response times," says Geraldine.

"The architectural company Marchini Curran Associates in Nottingham, UK is the main client who commissioned Chromisma, and it has been a game-changer for them. Everything is in one place, instead of in lots of spreadsheets that don’t talk to each other."

Geraldine Dean, Technical Director and Founder, Chromisma Limited:

Geraldine Dean, Technical Director and Founder, Chromisma Limited

Data Access’ Dennis Piccioni was given a first-hand tour of Geraldine’s work with Chromisma at the recent UK DataFlex Users Meeting.

"I was impressed with Geraldine’s implementation of an external graphing library in her DataFlex Web Application," Dennis says. "The functionality is great, and it looks fantastic!"

Geraldine has extensive experience developing solutions with DataFlex for mid- to large-sized companies, such as the multilingual EQA system for Randox Laboratories, used by over 40,000 laboratories and hospitals in 135 countries worldwide. EQA measures a laboratory’s accuracy using ‘blind samples’ which are analysed as if they were patient samples.

Geraldine first developed the EQA software system over 30 years ago and has been evolving it ever since. A web portal version using the DataFlex Web Application Framework now enables participants in the scheme to send results for statistical analysis and to view graphical reports, with rapid turnaround, showing their performance against other participants.

"The web portal was developed over 10 years ago and is regularly updated with new features. Both the Windows- and cloud-based DataFlex applications are stable, reliable and robust," Geraldine says.

Geraldine also develops and maintains the share registration software for PwC and currently has a new software solution under development – all powered by DataFlex.

“I only use DataFlex to develop software. I love it - it is what I am used to, and I can pretty much program anything using DataFlex!”

Screenshot of Chromisma’s Dashboard view with personalized company logo:

Chromisma Dashboard

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