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Announcing 64-bit Unicode DataFlex


DF_Logo_Compact_200At the November 8th “DataFlex Entwickler Tag” (DataFlex Developer’s Day) in Frankfurt, Germany, Data Access Worldwide CEO Chip Casanave announced that projects are underway to deliver a 64-bit Unicode version of DataFlex.

64-bit Unicode DataFlex will enable developers to create both 32-bit and 64-bit applications from the same source code. Unicode will enable the use of 136,000 characters from 139 different written languages in DataFlex mobile, web and Windows applications. For more details, see the blog about 64-bit Unicode DataFlex.

Wolfgang Herweh, Senior Software Development Manager, Shipping Solutions Central Europe, Pitney Bowes Deutschland GmbH reacted very positively to the announcements made in Frankfurt, “I am very happy with the 64-bit and Unicode announcements made by Data Access today. As a large enterprise operating internationally, Unicode is definitely a business requirement for Pitney-Bowes.”

Technical details and release dates will be published in the future.