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News extends Webnav app with RESTful technology powered by DataFlex

1-20-2022 leverages DataFlex WebApp Framework’s RESTful technology to extend 
Collection Agency Sales Management app features.


Financial businesses that deal with consumer debt collection in the US should consider the all-inclusive Webnav web application software solution from for empowering their sales force and accounts receivable management and staff.

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The latest revision of Webnav has been updated to the DataFlex 2021 WebApp Framework on Microsoft IIS with Microsoft SQL Server, and relies on DataFlex Reports for advanced end-user reporting, forms and lists. Currently, everything is now on the web.

In addition, Webnav currently uses DataFlex to seamlessly integrate a wide variety of external web apps, including: Google Calendar, DocuSign, Citrix ShareFile and RightSignature, Constant Contact, and e-OSCAR components (an online solution for processing automated credit dispute verifications) for extended application functionality.

“Performance is excellent, keeping in mind that I separated out any utilities that might bog down the webserver to a second server,” says developer James Stone, who has been successfully developing and deploying DataFlex software applications for decades.

The largest deployment of Webnav is for Caine & Weiner, a large collection agency headquartered in Los Angeles who just celebrated their 91st anniversary. The all-inclusive software application for the sales force and accounts receivable staff supports 150 users.

Regarding the ROI that DataFlex can deliver, James says, “In Caine & Weiner’s case, especially during this pandemic, the costs saved by being able to connect people at home all over the country has enabled them to continue to operate as if nothing happened. Plus, the integration of components like the DocuSign and now RightSignature have given them an edge up on their competition and streamlined a complicated process."

With the new e-Oscar integration, James says that there are as many as 1500 disputes a day that a company like Caine & Weiner must process, which involves accessing the data, importing it, processing it, downloading images, and uploading the results with the responses back to e-Oscar.

To accomplish this, James has leveraged the power of DataFlex’s HTTP Request Handler as well enhancements to the cJSONObject and new commands delivered in DataFlex 19.1 to translate Dataflex to JSON.

“Some of this was there earlier, but the changes delivered in version 19.1 made the code a heck of a lot shorter and easier,” he says, adding that in his view this this makes Dataflex the language of choice for a developer who must interact with other diverse systems across the internet.

“Also, with the Sales Management software, I have been developing it since there first was software for salespeople and DataFlex has enabled me to deliver innovative features I’ve designed that, for example, make prospecting new clients extremely fast without dumping a bunch of new accounts into a rep’s inventory. Caine & Weiner and I have been successful in using software to bend people’s behavior (without making it over-bearing), which makes the management of the people making those sales simple, easy, and quantifiable. This has had a huge impact on our clients’ ROI.”

James says that the DataFlex platform has enabled him to do things over the years that he couldn’t have done otherwise, such as using DataFlex to talk to low level software devices using DLLs (or OCXs back in the day), that other languages prefer to isolate the developer from.

When it comes to DataFlex features that James finds the most helpful, he says it’s the language itself. “For me, the language is readable; it makes sense, I think even for a novice.

“The Data Dictionaries are a huge advance. Being able to model what the web app’s page looks like in the Studio is huge! Also, I appreciate the way the object-oriented language features behave as well as object inheritance. And the latest stuff to deal with JavaScript and the RESTful implementations - a God send!”


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