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DataFlex 2017 / 19.0 First Look

By Brienne Casanave

During a live webinar on September 15, 2016 Stephen W. Meeley, VP of Development, and John Tuohy, CTO, introduced the latest evolution of Data Access Worldwide’s premier application development platform, DataFlex 2017/19.0.

This next release largely focuses on SQL connectivity with the intent of making it as natural to use as the product’s famed embedded database. Stephen addresses various major enhancements the product is making in this area, all the while maintaining DataFlex’s 100% backwards compatibility.

In addition to connectivity, DataFlex 2017/19.0 will feature enhancements in the Web Framework itself with the introduction of server properties and new controls primarily for the mobile/touch style. The DataFlex WebApp Server is also improved in this release with support for both 32-bit and 64-bit environments.

Watch the video below to learn about these new features and enhancements, and how they come together to make DataFlex the powerful, time saving business software application development platform developers rely on for creating Windows, web and mobile business applications. And stay tuned for the DataFlex 2017/19.0 Alpha release this fall!