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J. Renee'

U.S.A. based wholesale shoe company Developing in DataFlex since 1986

It all started in 1986. J.Renee’ wanted to build a complete inventory management system for their wholesale shoe business. The search began for the hardware, software and networking platform to accomplish the goal. At the time, the hardware was personal computers running Microsoft DOS. The networking was Novell and DataFlex was selected as the development platform. Today the networking has changed and the personal computers have become much more powerful and are running on Microsoft Windows. The DataFlex software development platform has also evolved and continues to be a world class performer.

The initial system design was fairly modest but now runs all aspects of the business. This includes managing sales, accounting, EDI, warehouse and inventory management plus many other areas. Almost everything that is done today is electronic in form. Automation has been a key in helping J. Renee’ move forward through the last 30 years.

“If someone told me some years ago that women would buy shoes over the internet, I would have said I think they want to try them on first”, said Eric Harrison, CEO J.Renee’ Group. Today internet sales of women’s shoes is a large part of the market and growing. Data Access Worldwide developed web versions of DataFlex to allow companies to extend the software development they already had. J. Reneé was able to utilize their existing business logic to launch In addition, a B2B portal was developed. It allows wholesale customers and factories to interact with J.Renee’ via the internet. More recently the J’Renee’ Group acquired the luxe comfort shoe line, L’ Amour Des Pieds. It didn’t take much to launch a website,, for this new brand. DataFlex can be coupled with current web technology to provide first class websites.

“The DataFlex platform has served us well over the years and I see it continuing to do so going forward. We have always valued our partnership with Data Access.”
-Coby Sparks, CIO, J. Renee’ Group

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