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Datatech Agricultural Software

Specialized accounting and management applications for the agricultural industry Developing in DataFlex since 1990

Datatech was born out of the need for specialized accounting software applications for the agricultural industry. Through the ups and downs of both the computer and agricultural industries, DataTech has consistently adapted to new technologies and brought new software products to the market to better serve the changing needs of its customers. Today, all of Datatech’s software is designed using DataFlex.

From offices in Fresno, California, Datatech supports over 700 customers including farmers, farm labor contractors, fresh produce packers, shippers and brokers, dried fruit packers and hay brokers located in 30 U.S. states. According to Datatech president, Isaac Davidian, “Using DataFlex, we have developed a core accounting system that forms the basis of each of our packages, customizing individual applications as needed for each segment of the agricultural industry. With DataFlex we can respond quickly to our users’ custom programming and reporting needs, as well as rapidly changing technology, regulatory and reporting requirements.”

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